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Call for Submissions

Posted: Friday, September 6, 2013

Do you have a class activity or demonstration that helps students learn research methods or statistical concepts?

Consider submitting it to

Teaching research methods and/or statistics in psychology can be challenging, necessitating the development of high quality, engaging activities that make difficult and less palatable concepts more engaging. To help facilitate this process for both novice and experienced teachers, provides links to online demonstrations, descriptions of class demonstrations, suggestions for class/lab activities, class assignments, lecture materials, and/or student exercises. We already have a fantastic collection of useful resources, indexed by topic, so be sure to browse the website for your class.

Ultimately the site’s mission is to stimulate students’ appreciation and understanding of research methods and statistics, as well as grow their interest in the science of psychology. also provides a great opportunity to share your teaching materials with others that is an ever-evolving resource for “giving away” psychology. The creativity and ingenuity of the dedicated teachers who contribute to is what makes it possible. All submissions are peer-reviewed based on their pedagogical value, uniqueness, clarity, potential efficacy, and ease of use. As a result, having your material accepted for inclusion on the site is a great way to augment your curriculum vita.

If you have any questions, please contact us at By submitting your resource you acknowledge that your materials are your own original work and that others can freely use the material for educational purposes.

While reviews and posts activities and demonstration in all areas of research methods and statistics, we are particularly interested in submissions related to:
Reliability & Validity
Applying Research Concepts to Real Life Events
Levels of Measurement
Statistical Significance
Single Sample t-tests
Repeated Measures ANOVA
Chi Square
Scale Reliability


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Call for Submissions

Do you have a class activity or demonstration that helps students learn research methods or statistical concepts?

Consider submitting it to

Do you have Statistics activities to share?

We are looking for new class activities, demonstrations, practice exercises, or lectures to post on the site. We hope that you'll share some of your Read More...