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Research Methods

The Science of Psychology


Reliability & Validity

Conceptualizing a Research Study

Descriptive Methods

Key Elements of Experimental Design

Experimental Designs

Quasi-Experimental Designs

Applying Research Concepts

General Review Material


Why We Need Statistics

Levels of Measurement

Central Tendency and Variability

Inferential Statistics

Statistical Significance

Single Sample t-test

t-test for Dependent Means

t-test for Independent Means

One-way Analysis of Variance

Factorial Analysis of Variance

Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance




Scale Reliability

Applying Statistical Concepts

General Review Material

Activity: A Guided Question Activity for Teaching Research Methods

This activity requires students to work collaboratively to answer a series of guided questions concerning various Read More...

Activity: Applying Multiple Designs

This activity has students create several different research designs to test the same general research question. Read More...

Podcast Lecture on Basic Research Design

In this video the basic concepts of research are explained while examining the effect of gray hair on credibility. Read More...